Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians was one of the best movies I have watched this year. The story was amazing and the acting was superb. It made me laugh, cry and fall in love with the characters. Nick Young was a boy from a rich family who “ruled” Singapore. He was in New York, and met Rachel Chu. She was a professor and they started dating. However, Nick didn’t tell Rachel who he and his family really were.

When Nick invites Rachel to meet his family, she agrees to go to Singapore. When they get to the airport, they get a bunch of special treatment. Rachel begins to wonder what all of it is for. Finally, on the plane, Nick explains who his family is and that they are rich. It doesn’t change Rachel’s perspective of Nick, yet…

When they get into Singapore, they go to Nick’s family home, and Rachel is blown away. It is a mansion and there are so many people there. Rachel feels very out of place. Thankfully, she has Nick and Peik Lin Goh, one of her best friends. At, the party she meets Nicks mother and grandmother and they don’t exactly get along. Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 11.29.56 AM

Nick’s mother doesn’t like Rachel because she doesn’t think she’ll ever be enough for her son. She is the main antagonist of this movie. Rachel tries to stand up to her, but Nick’s mother just keeps putting her down. She continually makes Rachel feel like she not enough and that she doesn’t deserve Nick. During a bridal party for one of Nick’s friend, the other girls are very mean to Rachel. His ex-girlfriend makes Rachel feel even more like she doesn’t belong, but now it’s worse, because Nick isn’t there. One of the only people Rachel feels like she can talk to is Astrid, Nick’s cousin. They create a special bond, which really helps Rachel get through the bridal shower.

One of the most beautiful scenes in the movie was the wedding. First of all, Rachel looks stunning and her dress is just gorgeous. The song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” plays while the bride walks down the aisle. Water is rushing down while she walks down, and it is a Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 11.29.28 AMbeautiful scene. During this part, Nick and Rachel are looking at each other, and he mouths, “I love you,” to her and she mouths it back. This moment makes me tear up and it is my favorite part of the movie.

The last part of the movie I will talk about is when Nick proposes. The first time he proposes, he tells her that he will forget about his family, because he loves her so much. However, she can’t say yes, because she can’t make Nick leave his family. So, she makes her way back to New York. However, before she leaves, she talks to Nick’s mother and just stands up to her and tells her what’sScreen Shot 2018-10-06 at 11.30.11 AM on her mind. When she is on the plane, Nick chases her down and proposes to her again. Except this time, it is with his mother’s ring. Everyone on the plane is watching, and of course Rachel says yes! Now that Rachel knows that Nick’s mom approves, Rachel can feel very confident and accepted by Nick’s family. In my opinion, this is a great ending to a great movie.