Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is one of my favorite Harry Potter movies of all seven. Harry is now going into his fourth year at Hogwarts and stays with the Weasley’s for the end of his summer. They take him to the Quidditch World Cup where Harry sees one of the most famous seekers in the world, Viktor Krum. Harry has so much fun at the match with the Weasleys and Hermione, but after something terrifying happens. Death Eaters, Voldemort’s servants, start attacking people. Harry, Ron and Hermione have to run and hide. But, someone conjures the Dark Mark, which is Voldemort’s mark. This scares many people and this event was all over the news.

When they arrive at Hogwarts, they had almost forgotten this event. Harry was so happy to be back at school and there was a surprise for them when they got there. Dumbledore announces that the Tri-Wizard Tournament is going to be held at Hogwarts and two other schools were going to join them. First, an all girls school called Beauxbatins and an all boys school called Durmstrang. This is the school Viktor Krum goes to and everyone is very excited to see him. If a student over the age of 17 wanted to participate in the tournament, they had to put their name in the Goblet of Fire and it would pick who the champions were.

Everyone is excited to see who will get picked. When it is time to find out, Dumbledore Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 6.07.05 PMbrings out the Goblet of Fire and everyone watches it excitedly. The first champion, from Beauxbatins is Fluer Delacour. The champion from Durmstrang is Viktor Krum. Finally, the Champion from Hogwarts is Cedric Diggory. Everyone is so excited and talking. But, when the Goblet of Fire starts to spit out one more name, the crowd goes silent. The Goblet of Fire emitted another paper and it said Harry Potter.

The whole crowd is silent in shock. Harry wasn’t even old enough to apply and there had already been a Hogwarts champion. Even Harry doesn’t understand because he didn’t put his name in. But some people don’t believe him, including Ron. They all think that he somehow put his name in. But, because the Goblet picked his name, he has to participate in the tournament.

The first task was when they had to get past a dragon to get an egg that is was guarding. Professor Moody, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher helps Harry prepare for this task. When it is time for the task, Harry finds out he has to battle a Hungarian Horntail. He summons his Firebolt, and flies around the grounds to try to shake off the dragon. He finally manages to loose the dragon and grabs the egg. Every one is very excited because they all thought Harry was going to die because he was so young. When he gets back to the common room, he opens the egg to find the next clue, but it just screeches. Ron, who has been mad at Harry this whole time, finally realizes that Harry wouldn’t be stupid enough to put himself in that kind of danger on purpose. They finally start talking again.

Part of the tradition of the Tri-Wizard Tournament is the Yule Ball. It is a big dance that the students can go to. Harry really wants to ask Cho Chang, the girl he has a crush on.Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 6.05.53 PM But, he can’t get her alone to ask her. When he finally finds her alone, they almost run into each other on the stairs. When Harry asks her, she looks really sad and says she can’t. This breaks Harry’s heart, but he tries to pretend it is all right. He and Ron both don’t have dates and almost everyone is already taken. Ron finally thinks to ask Hermione, but she is already going with someone, but she won’t tell him who. Harry decides to ask the Patil twins to go with he and Ron and they accept. At the ball, Harry sees that Cho went with Cedric, and this makes him very jealous. Then, Hermione comes down the stairs with Krum! Everyone, especially Ron, is very surprised. But, Ron is mad because he thinks Krum is too old for Hermione.

For the second task, Harry has to figure out how to hear the egg. Cedric tells him to listen to it in the bathtub, and sure enough it is clear underwater. The clue tells his that he will be in the Black lake and have an hour to rescue something important. Neville helps him figure out to use gillyweed to hold his breath under water for that long. During the task, Harry has to rescue Ron from the bottom of the Black Lake. He completes the task and all the champions move to the third task.

The third task is a maze that has many different obstacles in it. Professor Moody is the Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 6.06.56 PMone who places the cup in the maze and whoever finds it first will win. As they go through, Harry and Cedric find the cup first and decide to touch it at the same time to tie. However, when they touch it, it transports them to a graveyard. It is very scary and Harry knows they should go back. Then Wormtail approaches and kills Cedric. He ties Harry up and gets blood from him. Then, he puts a bunch of things in a pot and Lord Voldemort is reborn. Voldemort calls his Death Eaters and they come to join their old master. Voldemort then releases Harry and they duel. Harry somehow manages to escape and get back to Hogwarts. He brings Cedric with him and this makes everyone very sad. They then find out that Professor Moody was actually a Death Eater in disguise and the real Moody was locked up in the classroom.

With the rise of Voldemort and the death of Cedric, it was a very terrible end of the year for everyone at Hogwarts. Harry did win the tournament, but at a terrible cost. The two other schools go back and Hogwarts is normal again. However, Harry, Ron and Hermione’s lives will never be the same. They are bracing themselves for something even worse to happen in the future.


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The movie/book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban the third movie of the eight Harry Potters. It is a great movie, although not my favorite Harry Potter. Harry, Ron and Hermione start there third year at Hogwarts with a killer on the loose. Sirius Black, believed to be a faithful servant of Lord Voldemort. After Voldemort’s fall, Sirius was sent to Azkaban but now he has escaped and is on the loose. Harry doesn’t know much about him, but many believe that Harry is in grave danger. They think that Sirius will come after Harry to get revenge for who is believed to be his former master.

At Hogwarts, Hagrid was made the teacher of Care of Magical Creatures. In his first Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 8.36.44 PMlesson, he wants to make a good impression on the students. He brings a hippogriff (Buckbeak) to class and shows the class. Everyone is afraid of the great beast but Hagrid chooses Harry to approach it. Harry bows to Buckbeak and he lets Harry pet him. Then he lets Harry fly on his back and they go around the castle. When they get back, Malfoy wants to pet Buckbeak too, but he gets attacked because he didn’t approach him right. Malfoy gets seriously hurt and is rushed to the hospital wing.

The new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is Remus Lupin. He was an old friend of Harry’s father and is very fond of Harry. He tells Harry stories about his parents and his memories of them. Harry also finds out that Sirius Black was a friend of James and Lily. This makes Harry very upset. He thinks that Sirius betrayed his parents and is the reason they are dead. Meanwhile, Buckbeak has been sentenced to death because of his attack on Malfoy and Hagrid is very upset about it.

On the day of Buckbeak’s execution, Harry, Ron and Hermione go down to Hagrid’s hut to support him. When they see Dumbledore, Fudge and the executioner coming, they leave because they are not supposed to be there. As they watch from the top of the hill, Scabbers, Ron’s rat, escapes from Ron’s hands and start to run away. As Ron chases after him, Harry and Hermione chase after Ron. When Ron finally catches Scabbers, he sees a big dog behind Harry and Hermione. The dog starts attack Ron and pulls him into a secret passage way in the Womping Willow. When Harry and Hermione finally get into the passage way they follow the blood trail into the Shrieking Shack. There, they face none other than Sirius Black, the mad killer who is thought to be after Harry.

Harry is filled with so much rage seeing Sirius, that all he wants to do is kill him. However, he is stopped. Remus Lupin barges in and appears to start helping Sirius. But, they soon explain that Sirius never really betrayed Harry’s parents and he was definitely not loyal to the Dark Lord. There was actually another man who was both of these things, Peter Pettigrew. Sirius lunges at Scabbers and Ron is very confused. It is soon made clear that Scabbers is actually Peter Pettigrew as an animagus, someone who can turn into an animal. Pettigrew had faked his own death and fled as a rat. He had been hiding as Ron’s pet ever since, waiting to help Lord Voldemort come back to power. Sirius and Lupin try to kill Pettigrew, but Harry stops them. He doesn’t think that his dad would want them to be killers.

When they get out of the Shrieking Shack, there is a full moon. This is very bad because Lupin is a werewolf and starts transforming. Everyone tries to stop him, but it is too late. Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 8.36.13 PMHe injures Sirius and runs off into the forest. Harry goes after Sirius but they are attacked by dementors and taken to the hospital wing. In there, Dumbledore tells Harry and Hermione to go back in time using the time turner. Hermione has been using it to get to all her classes that are at the same time because of her loaded schedule. When Harry and Hermione go back in time, they are able to free Buckbeak and Sirius. Sirius rides off of Buckbeak and is free. Harry is happy that Sirius is free and innocent and hopes to see him again. Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 8.36.55 PM

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

One of my favorite movie series, if not my favorite, is Harry Potter. The actors are perfect for what is described in the book and all the sets are excellent. I recommend reading the books before watching the movies because you get more detail and information about things that they didn’t put in the movie.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is just the second one of the series and I have seen too many times to count. It starts when Dobby the house elf tries to stop Harry from Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 8.26.03 PM.pnggoing to Hogwarts. However, he fails and Harry is rescued from his Uncle and Aunts’ house by the Weasleys. They take their dad’s flying car to get Harry out of there. It is Harry’s first time to the Weasley’s home, the burrow, and he is amazed at how magical homes are different than Muggle homes. They then go to get their schoolbooks from Diagon Alley and they see Hermione there. They also run into Lucius and Draco Malfoy, which is a very unpleasant surprise. Lucius finds a way to slip a diary in Ginny Weasley’s bag without anyone noticing and they leave before any real trouble is started.

When Harry goes with the Weasleys to Platform 9 3/4, something odd happens. The barrier that usually opens when a witch or wizard runs though is closer. Harry and Ron then decide to take the flying car all the way to Hogwarts. However, they are spotted by Muggles and when they get to school they are in big trouble. Ron’s mom is very unhappy with them and worried too. They both get detentions and Harry has to serve his with the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Gilderoy Lockhart. After his detention, he is leaves the room and starts to hear a voice in the walls. He follows the voice and runs into Ron and Hermione. He continues to follow the voice and runs into an alarming sight. There is blood on the walls and Mrs. Norris is petrified on the wall. The blood writing reads, “The Chamber of Secrets has been open. Enemies of the heir, beware.”

This is not the only time this happened. Three more students were petrified, including Hermione. This makes Ron and Harry very scared and they don’t know if they can solve the case without her. However, she had been doing some research on the day she was petrified and found out what type of creature was in the Chamber of Secrets. It was a basilisk. If you looked at it directly, it would kill you, but if you didn’t look directly into its eyes, you would only be petrified. She also realized it was traveling through the pipes. Then, another note is written on the wall in blood. It says, “Her body will lie in the chamber forever.” It is Ginny that the note is talking about. So, Harry and Ron find out that the entrance to the chamber is in one of the girl’s bathrooms and the two of them along with Lockhart go down to stop the basilisk. However, Lockhart looses his memory in the chamber and is really on help. Ron gets stuck behind some rocks so Harry is on his own. Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 8.25.34 PM

In the chamber Harry finds Ginny and she is almost dead. He also finds another man, Tom Riddle. Riddle reveals that he is a younger version of Lord Voldemort and he says that he used the diary, which Lucius Malfoy put in Ginny’s bag in Diagon Alley, to posses Ginny and open the Chamber of Secrets. Then he says that the basilisk is going to kill Harry and Harry starts to run as the basilisk approaches. After a long battle, Harry stabs the basilisk with the Sword of Gryffindor. He then stabs the diary with one of the basilisk’s fangs and gets rid of Tom Riddle. Once they get out of the Chamber of Secrets, Hermione is back and everyone is very grateful for them. Ginny is alive and all right. The ending of this movie is really good and is very exciting.


Professor Snape: Good or Bad?

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, there is one  person that confuses me the most, Severus Snape. Throughout the series, he seems as though he is constantly changing his Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 2.15.11 PMallegiance between the dark side, and the good side. I am always wondering why he did everything he did, and I’m can’t fully grasp how everything ended up being for the better.

In the first book, Harry is suspecting Snape to be helping Voldemort find the Sorcerers Stone. He, Ron and Hermione also thing Snape is cursing Harry’s broom during the quidditch match, and making it go haywire. However, we know that it was really Professor Quirrell Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 2.08.09 PMwho was guilty for all these things. It turns out that Snape was actually trying to steady Harry’s broomstick and stop Quirrell from successfully helping Voldemort from possessing the sorcerers stone. So, in the first book I know that Snape is actually trying to help Harry and that he is on the good side.

Many things happen with Snape throughout the other books, but he becomes a major factor in Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. In this book, we see Snape in the beginning make the Unbreakable Vow with Nacrissa Malfoy. This makes me think that he is definitely on the dark side, because you can’t break this vow. (obviously) It we don’t know exactly what this vow was for, but we know that Draco was sent with a task by Voldemort, and if he couldn’t complete it, Snape would have to. At the end of the book, we finally find out what the task was, when Snape blasts Dumbledore with the Killing Curse. This had me, and Harry, convinced that Snape’s allegiance was faithfully to the dark side and to Voldemort.Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 2.09.14 PM

However, it turns out that Snape was really a spy and had been on the good side the whole time. Dumbledore and Snape had planned the killing of Dumbledore the whole year, and Dumbledore knew it would truly make Snape look loyal to the Dark Lord, and pay off in the end. Obviously, it did. I still don’t understand how Snape could be so cold-Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 2.10.15 PMhearted to kill one of his friends, and a great wizard, even if Dumbledore had told him. I also don’t understand why Snape had to wait to the very end to prove his true loyalty, if he had in the sixth book, he could’ve helped Harry in look for horcruxes and maybe he wouldn’t have died.

Even so, I will always admire Snape. His bravery to be a spy was inspiring. He knew if Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 2.11.01 PMVoldemort ever found out, he would be dead. Also, his intelligence to be able to keep his true identity hidden. It is because of his bravery and determination that Harry is able to defeat Voldemort once and for all.


Hello! I love spending time sitting on my coach, with a bowl of popcorn, watching things that make me laugh, cry, and make my heart race. My favorite genres are comedy, romance, and fiction. I will be sharing some of my absolute favorite movies and TV shows, and also some that I don’t enjoy. I can’t wait to share with you!

The first movie I am going to discuss is Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. I have been Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 9.28.49 AMreading the books and watching the movies for as long as I can remember. Harry Potter is such a brave, courageous character and he truly inspires me to be confident. I really enjoy Harry, Hermione, and Ron’s friendship. When they first meet, on the train, when Hermione fixes Harry’s glasses, and tells Ron he has dirt on his nose, makes me smile and laugh every time I see that scene. Later in the book, their friendship is displayed when Harry and Ron help Hermione with the troll in the bathroom. By the way, she was only in the bathroom because she was crying when Ron called her a know-it-all,  which is very ironic. After that moment, they rarely left each others side and we can see their friendship grow as the book continues.

Another reason I love this movie is the suspense and anxiety I get when watching the end. When Harry believes that Snape is trying to steal the stone for Voldemort, Harry feels it is responsibility to stop him. The night they all go to the trapdoor, under the invisibility cloak is one of my favorite parts. I can’t comprehend how smart they all are, well at least Harry and Hermione, to be able to figure out all the things they need to do in Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 9.43.25 AMorder to just get into the trapdoor. Furthermore, after they even got past fluffy, they had to pass many other challenges and obstacles. For example, the devil snare, which almost killed them, and the chess game. My favorite quote from that scene is when Hermione says, “You’re a great wizard Harry, you really are.” Harry: “Well, not as good as you.” Hermione: “Me? Books, cleverness, there are more important things. Friendship bravery, oh and Harry, just be careful!”

As Harry advances to find Professor Quirrel, with Voldemort on the back of his head, he stays strong and doesn’t give up the stone. Quirrel dies, and Voldemort is forced to flee without what he came looking for. After someone is able to find Harry and bring him to the hospital wing, Dumbledore is there to greet him and explain what happened between him and Voldemort. This part was always a little confusing to me and I have never been able to grasp the full understanding of how Harry seems to get away with everything.

After Harry gets out of the hospital wing, he is greeted Hermione and Ron on his way to the Great Hall. Hermione looks so adorable and is wearing a cute little headband. They both have some scrapes and scars, but they’re alive, and that’s all that matters. In the Great Hall, Dumbledore announces the winners of the House Cup. After he awards Hermione, Ron, and Harry each 50 points for stopping Voldemort, they are tied with Slytherine. However, there is one student that comes in clutch. Neville Longbottom! Dumbledore awards 10 points for standing up to Harry, Hermione, and Ron when they Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 9.46.25 AMwanted to go under the trapdoor. Even though he failed his attempt, it was the courage that was rewarded. Neville was the real MVP! Leaving Griffindore with a great ending to the year, Harry, Ron, and Hermione now have to say goodbye to their new best friends. When they are getting on the train, the song, “Leaving Hogwarts” is playing. Whenever I hear this song it makes me want to cry because it is such a touching scene. Hermione asks Harry and Ron, “Doesn’t it feel odd to be going home?” Harry replies, “I’m not going home, not really.”