Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories is a story about an uncle and his niece and nephew. It is truly a feel-good movie that will also have you laughing the whole time. I recently watched it again and remembered how much I love it. I highly recommend watching it if you like comedy, action and a little romance.

The story is told by the father of Skeeter, the main character, and he owns a motel. However, when he sells it the new owner promises that one day Skeeter will run the new hotel. But, when the time comes and the owner is going to find a new person to run the hotel, he does not choose Skeeter because he is just a handyman. Meanwhile, Skeeter needs to babysit his niece and nephew because his sister needs to go out of town to find a new job. She is a principal but her school is being shut down. Skeeter watches the kids at night and his sister’s friend, Jill, takes them to school in the morning. Jill is a teacher at the school and she and Skeeter don’t like each other.

The first night Skeeter spends with the kids, he tells them a bedtime story. In the story, Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 2.36.14 PMSkeeter is given a chance to run the hotel and it rains gumballs. The next day, Skeeter goes to work and his boss tells him he has a chance to run the new hotel. Then, when he is driving home, it starts raining gumballs. Skeeter can’t believe it. He decides that that night, for the story, he is going to make all his dreams come true and then in real it will actually happen. So, that night when he tells his story, he makes himself get a Ferarri for free and save a pretty girl. But, in real life he realizes that only the parts that the kids tell, Bobbi and Patrick, is what really happens. So, the last night he decides to let them tell the story. He wants them to say that he wins the competition for the hotel. However, they say that he wins, but then he catches on fire. So, at the presentation when they are going to pick a winner, he is very wary about catching on fire. He ends up winning the competition, but he ends up getting fired from his job.

Skeeter and Jill have also started liking each other because they spent a day together at the beach. But, she get’s mad at him when they find out the new hotel is replacing the Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 2.36.50 PMschool Jill and Skeeter’s sister works. However, Skeeter doesn’t let this stop him. He talks to someone and finds a new place to move the hotel and saves the school. He and Jill ride on a motorcycle to get to the school to stop them from demolishing it. They get there just in time and Skeeter gets the girl. The ending to this movie was perfect and it was a great finish to such a great story.