I recently watch the new Disney movie Coco. It was amazing. The music was very good, the character were sweet and the story line was cute and tear jerking. I really enjoyed watching it and I have seen it multiple times and loved it just as much. The movie has lots of Mexican culture and phrases.

The whole movie is based around the Mexican tradition of Día de los Muertos. Miguel, screen shot 2019-01-14 at 5.41.26 pmthe main character, loves music. But, because of his great-great grandfather who left his family to go play music, it is banned from his family. However, this does not stop Miguel. On Día de los Muertos, he runs away from his family and goes to steal the guitar of a great musician, Ernesto de la Cruz, who has passed away. He also thinks that this is his great-great grandfather because of a picture he found that had his guitar in it.  When he steals the guitar, he is suddenly transported into the world of the dead.

No one from the real world can see him, however he can see a bunch of skeletons and they can see him. He is very scared, until he runs into his deceased family. They are frightened to see him, but they want to find a way to get him back to the real world. So, they take him back to the land of the dead and this is wear the majority of the movie takes place. He finds his great-great grandmother who gives him her blessing. However, she makes him promise to never play music again, and he disobeys. He is immediately is transported back to the land of the dead. He decides he wants to get his blessing from Ernesto de la Cruz.

As he is running away from his family, he runs into someone, Hector, who tells Miguel he can help him find Ernesto de la Cruz, if Miguel will put his picture on the ofrenda. Miguel agrees and they go off on their journey together. They run into many obstacles but they screen shot 2019-01-14 at 5.41.51 pmeventually reach de la Cruz. When they do, Ernesto is more that pleased to find out he has a great-great grandson. However, when he sees Hector, things get tense. They used to be friends and they toured together. But, when Hector told Ernesto that he wanted to go home to his family he got worried because Ernesto was using all of Hector’s songs and he knew he couldn’t do anything without him. So, he poisoned him and stole his songs. After Hector and Miguel find out, Ernesto throws them into a pit and is going to leave them there.

While they are in the pit, Hector is telling Miguel about his daughter, who is the reason he wanted to return home that night. They soon figure out that his daughter is Coco, Miguel’s grandmother! So Hector is really Miguel’s great-great grandfather. After finding this out, they gain a new hope. They start shouting for someone to rescue them and Miguel’s family comes.

After being rescued, they have to find Ernesto to get the photo of Hector back. After much struggle, they end up without it. But Miguel has one more hope to keep Hector’s memory alive. His great-great grandparents give him their blessing and send him home. screen shot 2019-01-14 at 5.42.12 pmWhen he get back to the real world, he rushes to Grandma Coco. He begs her to remember her papa, but she can’t. Finally he starts to sing a song to her, the song Hector sung to her every night, “Remember Me.” Her face starts to brighten and she starts to sing along. By now, the rest of the family is in the room too, witnessing this beautiful moment. Coco pulls out a picture of her papa and it indeed is Hector. The rest of the family is so happy to have Miguel back, and he has saved the family from forgetting how much they loved music!