Since we are entering into the Christmas holiday, I feel it fitting to discuss a Christmas movie. This is one of my favorite of all time. It is hilarious, childish and heartwarming. It is a movie the whole family can enjoy together and people of all ages can enjoy.

Elf is a movie about an orphan who sneaks into Santa’s sack of toys one Christmas night, and ever since then, the North Pole has been his home. He is raised by elves, but he doesn’t fit in. He is bigger than everybody else, he doesn’t fit in the bed or shower and he can’t make toys as fast as everyone else. He begins to wonder if he really is an elf, because he still believes he is. One day, his “Papa Elf” sits him down and tells him he was adopted. He explains he is not really an elf and that his real dad doesn’t even know he was born. This is when Buddy, that was his name, decides it is time to find his dad in New York. However, before his adventure, Santa tells him that his father, Walter Hobbs, is on the naughty list.

Buddy travels to New York and is amazed at the huge city and tall skyscrapers. He finds his father in the Empire State building. However, because he is still in his whole elf Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 7.57.55 AMoutfit, his father thinks he is a Christmas telegram. When he finds out who he really is he is furious and immediately takes him to a doctor. He doctor confirms he is his son, and so he takes Buddy home. He is still not happy with this situation, but his wife tells him he needs to take care of him. It turns out Buddy also has a step-brother Michael. At first, Michael is embarrassed of Buddy because he is so different and stands out so much. However, after Buddy helps Michael win a massive snowball fight with some bullies, they become best friends.

Buddy also falls in love with a beautiful woman named Josie. They meet at the mall because that is where she worked. They go on a date and Buddy tries to convince her Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 7.58.46 AMthat Christmas is a great holiday. However, she is very pessimistic about the holiday and doesn’t have any Christmas spirit. Buddy and his father become friends and they become a close family, but then they get in an argument causing Buddy to run away on Christmas Eve.

The night Buddy ran away, Santa’s sleigh crashes in New York Central Park and it is up to Buddy to save Christmas. The sleigh is not running because there is not enough Christmas in the world anymore. But, Josie brings the town together and sings a Christmas carol and saves Christmas! Josie and Buddy end up getting married and having a baby. They visit “Papa Elf” in the North Pole also.Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 7.59.10 AM

This is one of my favorite movies because there are so many funny scenes that make me laugh until I cry. However, they movie is not just a comedy. It is a heartwarming family film, that I plan to watch every holiday season.