Legally Blonde

The movie legally blond is such a great movie. It is a great mix of humor and love and it gives you that feel-good feeling. It is about a girl, Elle Woods, who is the president of her Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 3.57.23 PM.pngsorority and really into fashion. She has a boyfriend, Warner, who is a very smart man on his way to law school. He asks her out to a very fancy dinner and she gets very excited. She is sure he is going to propose. But, he hits her with some unexpected new. He says that if he is going to go to law school and be a lawyer, he needs a serious relationship and a girl who can give him the support he needs, and he breaks up with her.

She is devastated. She can’t imagine life without Warner, and doesn’t leave her room for a whole week. Finally, her friends convince her to get out and they go to get her nails done. While they are at the salon, Elle reads something about Warner’s older brother. It says that he just got proposed to another law student. That is when Elle realizes what she has to do to get Warner back. All she needs, is to go to Harvard Law School and show Warner she can be his wife.

She applies and studies very hard to get in, and surprisingly she get in! On her first day of school she is very unprepared. She doesn’t even have a laptop, and doesn’t even know anything about law. She gets kicked out of her very first class for being unprepared. When she is crying on a bench, she meets a very nice guy who gives her some advice about classes.

She begins studying harder and catching up to everyone else. She starts to get the hang of things and even starts to excel and do good as a law student. She even gets offered a spot on one of her professor’s internship teams. She is very excited but Warner and his new fiancee is on the team too. They are defending a woman in a murder trial. Elle actually knows her because she took a fitness class of hers once. So, even when Elle’s professor thinks she is guilty, Elle knows she is not.

Elle is very helpful in the case and she gets them very close to winning. However, one night her professor calls her into his office and hits on her. She then realizes that theScreen Shot 2019-04-01 at 3.55.41 PM only reason she has gotten the internship is because he thinks she’s pretty. She then quits and is devastated. When the person they are defending finds out Elle quit, she decides to fire the professor and hire Elle instead. Elle then is able to win the case for her and everyone is very impressed. Then, Warner asks for her back and she declines. It is such a great ending and Elle and the nice guy she met get engaged.¬†Overall, this movie was one of a kind. It made you happy and kept you on the edge of your seat.